The Rail Cargo Challenge

Devising solutions for efficient container transport from the Maasvlakte. That is the aim of the Rail Cargo Challenge, a serious board game which has been developed by the TU Delft gamelab, game builder The Barn, ProRail and TNO. The first play session was on March 30, 2016.

With the commissioning of new terminals on the Maasvlakte, shippers and shipping companies get more options to transport their container cargo through the port of Rotterdam. Container loads will probably become more fragmented because of this, and solutions should be found by rail operators to bundle container loads.

The TU Delft gamelab, The Barn, ProRail and TNO developed a serious game as a tool: the Rail Cargo Challenge. This is achieved within the TKI-project ‘SYNCHRO-GAMING’, which focuses on gaming and modelling to achieve synchromodal transport.

See the TNO website for more information (in Dutch):