MSP Challenge Game in Reykjavik, 11 November 2013

 “Havgruppen” under The Nordic Council of Ministers is once again inviting participants to a groundbreaking workshop with the aim of establishing a common understanding of the ecosystem approach of the application and administration of the Nordic seas.

At the workshop, participants will be able to test the theory in practice by role-playing MSP Challenge 2012. The game is developed by Delft University and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure as well as the Environment commissioned by OSPAR / VASAB, HELCOM and ICES. It was played for the first time at a workshop on Coastal Marine Spatial Planning WKCMPSP in Lisbon in November 2011. We define conflicts in an interactive process and we try using the game to come up with a plan and discuss how this might be implemented in reality. In the process we will therefore be able to define objectives and principles that can be used as guidelines for marine spatial planning in the Northwest Atlantic.

Updated program, as well as practical information about registration, travel and lodging can be found at, or contact the workshop coordinator, Ólavur Guttesen (contact information below). Registration is 450 DKR. Sign up here (external link)