Highly recommended book from the Gala project

Psychology, Pedagogy, and Assessment in Serious Games

Thomas M. Connolly (University of the West of Scotland, UK), Thomas Hainey (University of the West of Scotland, UK), Elizabeth Boyle (University of the West of Scotland, UK), Gavin Baxter (University of the West of Scotland, UK) and Pablo Moreno-Ger (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Release Date: November, 2013. Copyright © 2014. 522 pages.
As the widespread use of digital entertainment has changed not only the ways in which we spend our leisure time but also how we learn and communicate, Serious Games have emerged as an effective tool for the purpose of learning, skill acquisition, and training. Psychology, Pedagogy, and Assessment in Serious Games addresses this issue by offering empirical evidence for the effectiveness of Serious Games in the key areas of psychology, pedagogy, and assessment. Emphasizing both the theory and practice in the learning and training of Serious Games, this book is useful to educationalists, researchers, sociologists, and psychologists interested in the potential of games to support learning and change behavior.