Disruption Game

Communication about container terminal disruptions

This summer the gamelab developed a training game for container terminal employees about disruptions, as part of the SAILOR project, funded by TKI Dinalog. In this online game, the player can choose to play as a controller, a berth and vessel Planner or as a sales representative. During several rounds, a disruption takes place on the container terminal. The goal of the game is to communicate the right information around the disruption to the right person, to enable well-informed decision-making. Time and resources should be taken into account and some decisions might improve some factors but lower some other factors. At the end of the game the key factors safety, performance and customer satisfaction should be as high as possible. This game is a digitalisation of the board game version of the Disruption Game, developed by and used for research by Shalini Kurapati, Heide Lukosch and Alexander Verbraeck. The game will be implemented in a new MOOC on Innovative Logistics, which is currently under development.